Italy - Feb & Mar 2006

2006-02-25 to 2006-03-05
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Rome - Colliseum
We visited Italy in February-March 2006 and split our time between Florence and Rome with a couple of side trips.

We started in Florence, the birthplace of Renassaince, where we visited historic Duomo cathedral, "fake" David at Piazza della Signoria and Michelangello's masterpiece in the Academy Gallery. We admired Boticelli's Venus and other great art at Uffizi Gallery, then walked across the Ponte Vecchio and indulged ourselves with fantastic food and fine leather.

We spent a day at Siena wandering the streets of this great medieval city and climbed to the top of the 300 foot tall City Tower for incredible views of the Tuscan landscape. We visited the walled medieval city of Lucca and the Field of Miracles in Pisa (as cliche as the Leaning Tower is, it is still a must see).

Then we were off to Rome. We spent a day exploring Ancient Roman sites of Palatine Hill, Forum, Coliseum, and Pantheon. We visited Vatican museum and climbed to the top of St. Peter's cathedral. We walked for miles exploring the city, enjoying the views of piazzas and fountains and eating great food along the way.